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Download ComicCMS v0.2

Download just one small file and it will do the rest

ComicCMS is free of charge and under the GPL 3. You may use ComicCMS freely but may not distribute it unless you accept the terms.


ComicCMS webinstall

From just one file ComicCMS can download and install itself. Simple as that!

  1. Download the installer file and save it on your computer as download.php
  2. Upload download.php to your website in the folder you want ComicCMS installed in
  3. In your web browser, browse to the download.php file you just uploaded on your website


Click for important notes for upgraders

Upgrading is done from within ComicCMS and, if you chose to, you will receive notifications when a new version is available. You can upgrade by using the upgrade function inside the Configuration section or by uploading download.php to your current directory and following the upgrade instructions.

Older versions

Currently, ComicCMS v0.1.5 and later are supported for direct upgrading. Just upload that same download.php file to your ComicCMS folder.

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