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Variable Operators :: XML Operators

Notice: Unless you're intending to vastly alter your feeds you may want to skip this page of the manual as it gets a bit techy if you don't know RSS

ComicCMS wholely supports RSS feeds, which are written in XML rather than HTML. So we need some variable operators that work with XML.

Inside the <description> tag of each item many RSS aggrigators support HTML formatting if it has been plaintext'd. But if you want to add plaintext variables to that then we need to plaintext them twice - tricky!

But not really of course, ComicCMS has the following variable operators for you to use (any variable can use these operators):

{{news_post:xml}}Will be converted to plaintext twice, so is plaintext in RSS description
{{news_post:xml:rich}}Will be formated as BBCode and then plaintext'd, so is safely formatted in RSS description
{{news_post:xml:full}}Will be converted as HTML but line breaks will be preserved in RSS description
{{news_post:xml:html}}Will be treated as plain HTML in the RSS description
{{*_timestamp:rfc}}Also of interest, a special timestamp operator. Returns RFC 2822 formatted timestamp (close enough to RFC 822 to be used in RSS feeds)

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