ComicCMS User Manual


Installing :: Uploading (FTP)

Uploading the download.php script to install ComicCMS on a normal webserver is done through FTP. Simply connect to your site and upload download.php to whatever folder you want ComicCMS installed in. To install ComicCMS you can then browse to that file in your browser which will guide you through the rest of the process. For example: if you uploaded it to /mycomic/ then you would go to:

Notice: Some webhosts lay out your folders so they are called the domain name. So if you uploaded download.php to something like / or any subdirectory then forget the first folder. In this example you would browse to

How to FTP

FireFTP Add Account ScreenshotFree FTP software can be found in many places, in fact chances are you already have one. However, I will focus on one called fireftp, which is actually a plugin into the firefox web browser. To use fireftp first install firefox and then, once you are browsing around the internet in your new browser, install the fireftp extension.

To set up fireftp to your website you'll need three pieces of information from your webhost:

  1. Host URL
  2. Username
  3. Password

I can't help you find these details, your webhost should have a help section somewhere that will give you this information. Once you have them open fireftp (from firefox: Tools > FireFTP) and simply plug them into fireftp's Add Account dialogue (shown right) in the appropriate places. The Account Name can be anything you want.

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