ComicCMS User Manual


Advanced Usage :: swf (and other formats)

If you've tried uploading a comic in swf format or other you may have hit a mean error message. ComicCMS does support all format or comics however we disable this by default due to the complications it could cause in templates and security.

To allow more comic formats you can go to "Configuration > Edit Settings" and add the file extention to the list.

Notice: Please do not add bmp to the allowed formats. It will work fine but bmp files are a big no-no on websites. If you need lossless image quality save your comics as png, otherwise use jpg

The rest of this page focuses on using flash videos (swf files) in ComicCMS

Now you have permitted swf files on ComicCMS you will need to to get them to display properly on your public site. You can use the following structure to impliment this safely: {{if:comic_ext:=swf}}
  <!-- SWF code goes here. Use {{comic_width}}, {{comic_height}} and {{comic_src}} -->
  <!-- Normal image code goes here -->
(you will learn more about the operators used here later)

Using that structure in your templates ComicCMS will switch between two HTML snippets for displaying your comic depending on whether it is an image or a flash move.

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