ComicCMS User Manual


Troubleshooting :: Installation

Notice:These are further installation notes for users with difficult web hosts. To download ComicCMS do so at the Download page.

Permission Problems

Unfortunately there is little standard across webhosts as to what the certain groups mean inside of CHMODding. Some give PHP the same permissions as the owner, some separate them into groups, it's just something we have to live with for now.

As such on some webhosts the ComicCMS install will not be able to function until you CHMOD the folder it is in. Your best bet is to CHMOD the folder to 766 (Read/Write/Execute for Owner, Read/Write for group, Read/Write for other). See How to CHMOD for details on how to do that.

Offline Install

Some webhosts (especially free ones) do not allow php scripts to retrieve data from other websites, something a download script obviously needs. If this is the case for you then you'll need to do the downloading for it. These packs do not include download.php which must already be in place and can be downloaded from the main download page.

  1. Download one of these offline install packs to your computer:
  2. Extract all the files inside the archive to your computer
  3. Upload all the files to the same folder as your download.php is in
  4. CHMOD all the new files you just uploaded to 666 (Read/Write for all)
  5. Go back to download.php to continue installing ComicCMS

How to CHMOD

CHMOD is a way that UNIX (including linux) operating systems let you decide what can and what cannot edit certain files. So, how do you CHMOD a file exactly? Well, when you do it through FTP, it depends on the FTP program that you use. These instructions will be for fireftp (see Installing :: Uploading).

  1. Right click on the file/folder you want to CHMOD and choose properties
  2. If you know the read/write groups you want then edit the checkbox table or, if you were given a number e.g. 755, then type it into the box to the right labeled manual. When entering a number make sure it is 4 digits long with the first digit being a 0.
  3. Click ok
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