ComicCMS User Manual


Advanced Usage :: Comic & news drafts

A draft item (comic or news) is one which is private and only viewable through the admin panel. You can use these for drafting your news posts before publishing them or storing comic images if you don't yet know when to add them.

When you add a comic image it is automatically saved as a comic draft, if you want to add a new news draft go to the add news page and click "Save item as draft" on the timestamp input box. You can also use this button if you want to add more info to a newly added comic draft but still not have it published.

To edit your drafts go in to either the comic or news section of your admin panel and select the Drafts section from the white navigation bar. In this section will also be listed you queued items, which we'll explain shortly.

When editing your draft you can either keep it as a draft or edit the timestamp input in order to publish the item or queue the item.

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