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Variable Operators :: BBCode formatting

The HTML injection problems described in the last page have been around for a long time and are especially a problem in public forums. That's why they came up with BBCode, a way to allow users to format their posts without being able to take control of the page.

By putting the :rich variable operator on your variable it will be processed as BBCode to allow formatting like bold, underline, hyperlinks, images and emoticons. Pretty much anything you ever wanted! If you've ever used a web forum before then you're probably used to it as well.

Example variable: {{comic_blurb:rich}}

The rich operator will also wrap the text inside a paragraph tag. So using just {{comic_blurb:rich}} could change into <p>My Blurb</p>

There's a good section on BBCode on the PHPBB site, ComicCMS supports most of the codes listed there.

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