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Appendices :: Upgrading to 0.2

Upgrading from a ComicCMS version before 0.2? It's a bit complex but mighty rewarding!

Already use the old version of ComicCMS? Enticed by the shiny pretty buttons? Well, you'll be happy to know that you can upgrade to this new version of ComicCMS.

However, this version of ComicCMS is very different and not everything is compatable. If you upgrade you will lose:

  • Queued comics/news that have not already been added
  • Plugins & their data. Including:
    • Navbar customisation
    • RSS customisation
    • News Comments
  • Saved template packs (only your current templates can be converted)

Notice:If you have added custom pages, they will not be transferred (though you will be given the chance to save their contents to re-add them easily). Important: After completing the upgrade you must delete the old custom files before re-adding them!

It's not all bad, honest

All your comics, news posts, users, usergroups, etc. will be converted. There's also a helper in the upgrader to convert your templates over.

The whole process usually takes about 5 minutes, but do set aside half an hour of your time incase you want to get in depth with the templates.

Backing up

We strongly suggest that you back up your database before upgrading. It's a just in case kind of thing.

To do this simply log into your site via FTP and download the storage folder to a safe place. This doesn't include your comic images but the upgrader wont touch them anyway.

To upgrade to the new version just grab download.php from the download page and upload it to the same folder ComicCMS is already installed in.

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