ComicCMS User Manual


First Use :: Using the admin panel

The admin panel is a password protected part of your site where you can add/edit your comics and news posts and also edit settings for your site.

Notice:Currently, it is not possible to use the ComicCMS admin panel in Internet Explorer. However anyone in any browser can see your public site, read your webcomic and interact uninterrupted. The restriction for using Internet explorer is only for the admin panel. If you want to know why see Appendix :: Internet Explorer

The admin panel is divided into sections, denoted by icons at the top left of the screen. When you hover over a section icon the title text in the green header below will change to inform you which section it represents. Click an icon to go to the main page of the section.

Towards the top right of the screen, on the right of the header strip is the notification area. This includes the logout button, back to public site button and notification buttons like upgrade connection and SuperUser authentication.

The white bar below the green header strip includes the section navigation, these are links you can use to browse through various admin panel features. As you go deeper into the admin panel the green section to the left of these links will show a breadcrumb trail so you can quickly skip back up a level from wherever you are. On some special pages, this navigation bar will dissapear. If you want to go back to the usual admin panel then click any of the section icons.

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