About ComicCMS

About ComicCMS

Just what is this thing anyway?

ComicCMS is a program, written in php, that you can install on your website to easily create a webcomic site. ComicCMS will then create and manage all the pages your site needs effectively and efficiently. By using ComicCMS's easy, online admin panel you can add/edit your comics and manage everything your site needs in one place.


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In short ComicCMS lets you spend more time making your comics and less time worrying about your site - but without limiting your creativity. No more need to spend weeks learning some form of coding language. Just plug ComicCMS in and start publishing.

Why Use ComicCMS?

A pretty crutial question.

  • It is software, not a hosting site. You can use it however you want, without ads, on any website you want.
  • Plug and play: Upload just one small file to your site and ComicCMS will download, install and configure itself!
  • ComicCMS is tailored especialy for webcomic sites
  • The cache system makes your site seriously fast. It wont lock up under high loads, even from digg/stumbleupon visitor floods.

You can also read more on features in the user manual.

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