ComicHQ is the codename given to parts of the ComicCMS website that individual ComicCMS installations communicate with.

ComicCMS Connections

You are most likely on this page to learn about the connection icon in your admin panel. The icon is just there to show you that you are connected and will receive notifications if there are updates available for your ComicCMS installation.

Can I disable it?

We very much recommend against it, disabling this function would stop you from getting update notifications. This would be a very bad thing to do. You can, however, turn it off for certain users by disabling the Check for Updates permission in the usergroups.

What about my privacy?

Don't worry. While this function submits some details about your ComicCMS installation we don't store any of it. Why would we? The details it submits are purely for updating purposes, specifically; the version numbers of your installation and plugins.