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ComicCMS says hi

It's been a long time. How have you been?

Websites have gotten a lot longer since then, huh...

Where we've been

ComicCMS was written over 5 years ago by Steve H. Since then a lot has changed, but ComicCMS got left behind.

Steve has changed a lot too. Going from a high school student playing with PHP through a BSc in Computer Science to being an experienced developer for a high-end webhosting company.

Also, he's learned how to spell a bit better.

Let's be realistic here

ComicCMS is no longer supported, and using unsupported software is dangerous. If someone finds a security hole who's going to fix it?

It's the same reason you need to keep Wordpress up to date, and why it was so awesome that ComicCMS didn't have to tie in with specific versions of anything.

What can we do?

Someone needs to write and support an alternative to ComicCMS.

Steve H would love to, but has a demanding job and a Comic Rank to resurrect.

That's where you come in

I don't have the answer, but maybe you do?
Catch me on twitter: @comiccms

Want to let your users convert from ComicCMS to your system?
Here's a library to help you with that: GitHub Leijou/ComicCMSExport

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